I have always had a passion for the cinema and have so far completed five film scripts - one current project that is non UFO related and four that are. 

NEW: Non UFO related - current project:

Title: Eleven Brothers -

Based on a true story. 

Eleven brothers tells the unique story of the first time in football history that a family of eleven brothers played against another family of eleven brothers in a match that took    place in February 1914 in the months leading upto the outbreak of World War One.

Told through the eyes of one of the mother's involved and by one of her son's who played   in that historic match. Their stories dovetail to reveal the circumstances of how that extraordinary match came about and how the horror of the First World War would go on      to have such a devastating impact on the lives of her sons.

Gary Heseltine


1. Conclusive Proof - A Hollywood type blockbuster set in Montana involving a scenario where a series of events put the US government on the brink of having to disclose the reality of UFOs as extraterrestrial in origin. This was the first screenplay that I wrote that came to me in a 'dream'. I woke with a vivid set of characters and a storyline about what could cause Disclosure of ET reality to become public.

2. Ordinary Copper, Extraordinary Encounter - Based on a true story. I spent 18 months researching the story of former police officer Alan Godfrey who observed a UFO at close quarters in Todmorden, West Yorkshire in late November 1980. What made this case exceptional is the fact that it emerged as Britain's earliest 'Alien Abduction' case. However the real story for me was how the life of an ordinary man was thrust into the glare of the world's media after news of his alleged abduction broke. Ordinary Copper, Extraordinary Encounter outlines how this sudden 'fame' affected his life and that of his family.

3. Little Green Men - Based on an alleged true story. A short story based on an alleged 1940 wartime alien encounter in Gateshead near Newcastle.

4. Three Nights in December - Based on a true story - A screenplay that I wrote about the Rendlesham Forest incident that occurred in late December 1980. It was written during a seven year collaboration period I had with retired Colonel Charles Halt USAF (2007-2014). Following the ending of my collaboration with Colonel Halt I have withdrawn the script.